Disclaimer: Let’s just go ahead and get this out there.  If you are a grammar nazi and like well-written blog posts this is not one of them!  I REPEAT- GET OUT NOW.  I have always strongly disliked (hated) writing and that still remains true.  A professor once told me not to write how I talk, well that hasn’t quite changed yet. This is what you’ll get from this blog post- a real (raw) glimpse into this life I’m living in the Winnebago!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Anna.  A city girl who has a passion for clothes, always over packs, and is a believer in retail therapy.  That same girl is living in a 1978 Winnebago!  Is anyone else freaking out or is it just me?  I may or may not still be waking up every day asking myself if this is real life.  You may be wondering how I even got here.  Let me explain—I have the most amazing husband in the world, who is the biggest adventurer you’ve ever meet.  I thought I was adventurous until I met him!  He is a darling dreamer and I’m lucky enough to journey through life with him.  He has stretched me, helped me grow as a person immensely and this is just another one of those experiences.

Once I agreed to buy Winnie (as a recreational vehicle), Jer started joking about us moving in.  As the jokes kept coming, I finally realized he is not joking- but he is actually serious about us moving in!  We just happened to be on a date for his birthday and another hint came up.  I had to break the news to him—THAT IS NOT HAPPENING!  “I’m sorry babe, but I just cannot do that right now.”  “This dream is not over, I am willing to move into Winnie, but not in Searcy.”  “I’m just not ok with living in a trailer park next to a meth head in Searcy.”  Just a tiny glimpse into my feelings about it!  Now we had not actually picked up the Winnebago at this point…  

So a few weeks later, we head to Colorado to spend time with his amazing family and bring Winnie back to her new home in Arkansas (which she put up a fight, might I add).  Sky, Heidi, and the kids pick up Jeremy, Holly, Anne, and I at the Denver airport in a snowstorm.  The adventure had already begun!  We fell in love with Winnie at first sight.  She really is in the best condition and her vintage ways stole our hearts.  We camp in Winnie for the week and have the best time ever!  Throughout the week Sky, Jeremy’s brother-in-law, contributes to the “jokes” about us moving into the Winnebago.  It was about time I had a heart to heart with him- so we are in the Walmart parking lot in Winnie and I break it to him.  “Sky I cannot live in the Winnebago at this point!”  “How can I be a professional and live in a Winnebago?”  I could keep going, but I needed to hear his point of view.  So of course Sky told me all of these amazing benefits to living in Winnie and how it would be the best experience ever!  Meanwhile, I am tearing up while he is talking (not happy tears), but mad tears.  I stop those tears real quick and tell the boys, “I see your point and I will highly consider it!”  Later that night, I surface those feelings and bring it to the Lord—“Lord, what is going on with me?”  “Obviously, this is a deeper issue if I am tearing up over the boys talking to me about moving into a Winnebago!”  I wrestled through it with the Lord and realized I was upset because someone was threatening my comfort zone.  I had become way too reliant and content with the comfort of my house and material possessions.  As Jeremy would say, “Anna, figure it out and make the adjustment!”  Basically the Lord convicted me and I felt like he was calling me to fully trust and fully believe that all I need is Him.  I had been relying too much on earthly treasures that I was missing out on the intimate relationship that comes from 100% reliance on the Lord.  The necessary next step was to tell Jeremy his prayers must be stronger than mine.  

Finally, I told Jer I would move into the Winnebago in Searcy if he found a safe place for us to live.  Long story short, our friends Brandon and Kari Fox connected us with Thomas and Sara Ritchie who have land outside of Searcy.  I leave work one day and Jeremy asks me to meet him at a potential living situation for Winnie.  I’m still very skeptical at this point, because let’s remember the Lord is working on my heart.  We drove a little outside of Searcy, pull onto a gravel road, then turn into the woods to see this magical little farmhouse with the most gorgeous view.  There could not be a more perfect place for Winnie!  The Lord provides again and again, never ceasing to amaze me.  We met the Ritchie’s who are literally the sweetest family you could imagine.  They made us feel so welcomed and we decided to officially make the move into Winnie as our home!  It’s at this point, when I became excited about living life in Winnie.  The idea of living in community with the Ritchie’s and having just what we needed in the Winnebago started to sound amazing.  I fully believe the Lord has placed this experience in our life for our good and His glory.  I can’t wait to share with you all of the ways I’ve seen Him at work through this journey.  

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